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Original Meguiar's® Black Plastic Parts Refurbished

Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

79 SAR

Refurbished/Polished Exterior Black Plastics

Brand: Meguiars Original

It forms a transparent layer on the plastics and the outer black fibers, making them shiny and making them resistant to weather factors such as: rain and sunlight.

Product Features:

  • Shines plastics, fibers and black bats
  • It is a protective layer from the effects of the sun, rain and external factors
  • Protects from UV rays that damage surfaces and change their color
  • Does not damage or crack surfaces
  • Dust does not stick to it if you apply it enough without excess, or if you wipe the excess with a towel
  • A clear shine that lasts for a long time

Suggested method of use:

Put a small amount on the round sponge

Distribute the product on the part to be polished

Wait for it to dry for 15 minutes

Wipe the surface to remove excess

Pack Size: 335ml

79 SAR
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